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In May 1806, the word ‘cocktail’ made its debut appearance in The Balance and Columbian Repository, a newspaper published in Hudson, New York.

Named after the hometown of Jack Daniel’sworld famous whiskey, the Lynchburg lemonade traditionally comprises one part Jack Daniels, one part triple sec, one part sour mix, a dash of lemonade and a lemon slice, along with a maraschino cherry to garnish.

A fantastic tequila-based cocktail, the margarita combines a perfect blend of tequila...

Originating in Cuba, this refreshing cocktail dates back to the late 1500s, when it was initially known as 'El Draque', or 'The Dragon'.

The Bloody Mary has long been the poster boy for hangover cures, up there with anything deep fried and handfuls of Berocca.

Here in Australia, we still celebrate Christmas by gorging on dishes influenced by the traditions of our European ancestors.

Invented by the godfather of American mixology, Jerry Thomas, the Tom Collins is a summertime favourite...

Stay in holiday mode by adding a South American staple to your repertoire...

Considering our nation's caffeine addiction, it's really no surprise that coffee cocktails are infiltrating our late night drinking habits too.

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