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Right now, stone fruit is filling baskets at the market. While peaches and nectarines often turn up on cocktail lists, their apricot cousins are less frequently found in drinks. 

Orange juice is a miraculous substance: first cultivated in China in 2500BC, we’ve been drinking this stuff for breakfast for 5000 years.

Lychee is undoubtedly one of the signature tastes of summer. 

For some weird reason, everyone seems to have a cumquat tree, though people rarely use them. During October, you’ll often find these unusual fruits strewn across the footpath instead of being put to good use.

Forget drugs or nicotine – the real addiction besetting our fair nation is chilli.

You might think all gin and tonics are born equal, but nothing could be further from the truth. Some gin varieties are infused with delicate botanical flavours after they’re distilled. 

Spicy, fragrant and genuinely good for you, ginger makes the perfect accompaniment to a perfect cocktail. 

Delicious quinces will still be in season for a few weeks, so get in while you can with this Gin Quince Sour.

The Banana Daiquiri is a simple, sweet cocktail that’s easy to make – and drink.

The Chocolate Punch is one of the most aptly named drinks in a long list of cocktails. Put simply, it’s a fistful of dessert in a single drink.

The Blood Orange is one of the finest winter fruits. Celebrate the cold season with a spicy, sweet Blood Orange mulled wine.

The Espresso Martini is a perennial favourite, but this extra creamy variation is something else altogether.

Rhubarb is one of those flavours that rarely appear on the cocktail menu. But its slightly sweet, slightly tart taste makes for a perfect boozy iced tea.

Stop and smell the roses, then drink them with Hendrick’s Gin.

With the winter months moving in, who can be blamed for needing a bit of a pick-me-up?

With the cooler weather, market stalls are overflowing with crisp, delicious apples. Here’s a cocktail that harnesses their slightly sweet, slightly tart flavour.

You might remember the humble mandarin as a lunchbox favourite, but we’ve got a grown-up use for this delicious citrus.

Traditionally reserved for fine wine or craft beer, the art of matching great food with quality drinks can sometimes seem a little daunting or even a touch wanky.

An obscure flavour combination, the mix of strawberries and bourbon is a taste that you really need to try to believe.

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