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Survived peak hour. This calls for a cocktail.

Thought it was Thursday. It’s actually Friday. This calls for a cocktail.

Another public holiday. This calls for a cocktail.

Epic sunset from the roof. This calls for a cocktail.

It’s seriously hot. This calls for a cocktail.

Survived Christmas shopping. This calls for a cocktail.

Want to keep in shape over the summer but don’t want to miss out on those amazing drinks?

Right now, stone fruit is filling baskets at the market. While peaches and nectarines often turn up on cocktail lists, their apricot cousins are less frequently found in drinks. 

One of our favourite, in-season summer delights is stone fruit, and we’ve got a smashing recipe for a stone-fruit cocktail with plums. More tart than apricots, peaches or nectarines, plums have a distinct perfumed flavour. 

Enjoy this wonderful cocktail on Australia Day and you’ll be drinking a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping planes*.

Peaches are another of the fleeting seasonal stonefruit that, when at the peak of their curve, are so delicious that you’ll be miserable without them for the other 11 months of the year. 

Cocktail layering always seems so simple when they do it at the bar. 

Like fine wine, cocktails can also be improved with age. 

Lemonade scones with jam and cream are the kind of childhood treats that form powerful associative bonds. 

Definitely better than the movie.

Are you one of those people that loves to have friends round and rejoice at the look on their faces when they realise that you’re the second coming of Martha Stewart? Yeah, us neither. 

The humble grape finds new form in wine, vinegar, juice and as a perfect sneaky snack while shopping in supermarket aisles (is that why they’re in plastic bags now?).

Chelsea Bagan is better known as Trophy Wife: the face (and nails) behind Trophy Wife Nail Art.

Cream manages to find its way into a large number of classic drinks. 

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