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Survived peak hour. This calls for a cocktail.

Going to take up golf. Again. This calls for a cocktail.

Summer. Cricket. Couch. This calls for a cocktail.

Serious chocolate overdose. This calls for a cocktail.

Want to keep in shape over the summer but don’t want to miss out on those amazing drinks?

One of the all-time favourites for summer is, of course, the Mojito. 

Spend the hottest few months with a little indulgence.

Spend the best time of the year with a cocktail to suit the very occasion.

Agave syrup is the natural sugar extracted from the agave plant, made famous for its use in tequila. 

The first criss cross you make into the cheek of a mango, for many, signals the start of summer proper. 

For some weird reason, everyone seems to have a cumquat tree, though people rarely use them. During October, you’ll often find these unusual fruits strewn across the footpath instead of being put to good use.

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