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Thought it was Thursday. It’s actually Friday. This calls for a cocktail.

Turned down all your invites. This calls for a cocktail.

Just paid off your credit card. This calls for a cocktail.

Boss left for holidays. This calls for a cocktail.

Epic sunset from the roof. This calls for a cocktail.

It’s seriously hot. This calls for a cocktail.

Happy New Year. This calls for a cocktail.

One of the all-time favourites for summer is, of course, the Mojito. 

There’s nothing quite like the smell of mint in summer drinks. 

Lemonade scones with jam and cream are the kind of childhood treats that form powerful associative bonds. 

Lychee is undoubtedly one of the signature tastes of summer. 

With summer just around the corner, all our thoughts are turning to a picnic rug in the park. While it’s unquestionably the place we want to be, unfortunately it’s not always the best venue for an impromptu bar. 

For some weird reason, everyone seems to have a cumquat tree, though people rarely use them. During October, you’ll often find these unusual fruits strewn across the footpath instead of being put to good use.

Kicking back in the carpark with friends, drinks and chicken sandwiches is a time-honoured tradition of Spring Racing Carnival. Here are three great cocktails to mix in your boot.

The power of the mighty Pacific has inspired artists and poets for millennia, but by far its most significant influence has been on the history of cocktails.

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