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It’s proper summer weather. This calls for a cocktail.

Sweetened Condensed Milk is a delicious guilty pleasure and it’s nice to have an excuse to crack open a tin so you can dip a finger in let the guilt flood over you. 

There are a heap of New Year’s Eve Cocktails. But what about a New Year Mocktail to take the edge off?

Perhaps the most persistently popular classic cocktail is, of course, the Pina Colada. 

The power of the mighty Pacific has inspired artists and poets for millennia, but by far its most significant influence has been on the history of cocktails.

There was a heyday that we don’t really talk about, back when blue cocktails were a legitimate and non-ironic drink to order at a bar, and Malibu and Midori dominated cocktail lists.

Pineapples and rum: clichés aside, these two ingredients are reminiscent of tropical islands, the summer season and party times.

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