The Cocktail Revolution HQ

Our latest recipes

Every few weeks, we visit the working studio of a creative company and make some drinks with them at the end of the week.

As spring prepares to, well, spring, it’s time to head out into the garden with a delicious punch in hand.

Mint is a great herb. It grows easily, its smell is magnificently refreshing...

Feeling dreamy? Why not indulge in a snowflake dream cocktail that will take your breath away.

The Banana Daiquiri is a simple, sweet cocktail that’s easy to make – and drink.

The history of Dry Ginger Ale goes back further than you might think.

We’re making a Long Island Ice Tea even longer.

If you’re feeling winter’s frosty bite, let these cocktail help you escape to somewhere warmer.

The cane spirit made famous by literary heroes such as Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson is also the key ingredient in the world’s biggest selling cocktail. 

Despite it being the drink of pirates and dead celebrities, rum’s social standing has taken a bit of a dive lately. 

So we all agree that chocolate is good. And rum. And Bunnies are cool too.

We chat to Luke Hanzlicek of The Victoria Room to discuss his latest source of inspiration.

For the third and final round of our bartender masterclasses, we dropped into Dave Kerr’s very own dive bar, The Beaufort, for a few inspired cocktail lessons.

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