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Going to take up golf. Again. This calls for a cocktail.

It’s all happening. This calls for a cocktail.

Knocked off early. This calls for a cocktail.

It’s proper summer weather. This calls for a cocktail.

Serious chocolate overdose. This calls for a cocktail.

Champagne, or if you prefer, ‘sparkling wine’ – the beverage favoured by everyone from royals to rappers – is a cocktail’s best friend. 

Peaches are another of the fleeting seasonal stonefruit that, when at the peak of their curve, are so delicious that you’ll be miserable without them for the other 11 months of the year. 

Who needs cups or glasses when you have straws and friends?

Ernest Hemingway may be best remembered for his spare and true sentences, but Papa’s legacy is not limited to literature. 

Definitely better than the movie.

About as summery as you can get.

Lychee is undoubtedly one of the signature tastes of summer. 

If you’ve got a few pals coming over on a Sunday afternoon, there’s no surer way to please than whipping up a bowl of Sangria.

Chelsea Bagan is better known as Trophy Wife: the face (and nails) behind Trophy Wife Nail Art.

With summer just around the corner, all our thoughts are turning to a picnic rug in the park. While it’s unquestionably the place we want to be, unfortunately it’s not always the best venue for an impromptu bar. 

For some weird reason, everyone seems to have a cumquat tree, though people rarely use them. During October, you’ll often find these unusual fruits strewn across the footpath instead of being put to good use.

At some stages during the year raspberries are abundant and drop below a price that is equivalent to their weight in gold.

Kicking back in the carpark with friends, drinks and chicken sandwiches is a time-honoured tradition of Spring Racing Carnival. Here are three great cocktails to mix in your boot.

Forget drugs or nicotine – the real addiction besetting our fair nation is chilli.

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