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Champagne, or if you prefer, ‘sparkling wine’ – the beverage favoured by everyone from royals to rappers – is a cocktail’s best friend. 

Whole eggs? In a drink? Shut. The. Front Door. No seriously, let’s do it. 

Peaches are another of the fleeting seasonal stonefruit that, when at the peak of their curve, are so delicious that you’ll be miserable without them for the other 11 months of the year. 

Sweetened Condensed Milk is a delicious guilty pleasure and it’s nice to have an excuse to crack open a tin so you can dip a finger in let the guilt flood over you. 

Coffee is great. It’s a legal high and it comes in so many distinct formats now that you almost need to have the palate of a sommelier just to enjoy a short black. 

Nutmeg reminds you of your grandparents, ginger bread houses and Holland. 

Agave syrup is the natural sugar extracted from the agave plant, made famous for its use in tequila. 

There’s nothing quite like the smell of mint in summer drinks. 

There is really only one cocktail that has been made in the history of the universe that is able to be drunk at breakfast. 

Are you one of those people that loves to have friends round and rejoice at the look on their faces when they realise that you’re the second coming of Martha Stewart? Yeah, us neither. 

The first criss cross you make into the cheek of a mango, for many, signals the start of summer proper. 

The humble grape finds new form in wine, vinegar, juice and as a perfect sneaky snack while shopping in supermarket aisles (is that why they’re in plastic bags now?).

The watermelon is, by indication of it’s name, quite watery. 

Cream manages to find its way into a large number of classic drinks. 

There is a finite window of opportunity in the season of this country when it’s possible to run out to your nearest regional town and pick cherries to your hearts content. 

At some stages during the year raspberries are abundant and drop below a price that is equivalent to their weight in gold.

Honey can be a difficult ingredient to harness in a drink. It’s a natural sweetener and has a distinctive taste, making an ideal candidate for an ingredient. 

There was a heyday that we don’t really talk about, back when blue cocktails were a legitimate and non-ironic drink to order at a bar, and Malibu and Midori dominated cocktail lists.

Savoury flavours and cocktails aren’t great mates.

Tequila: she’s the most misunderstood spirit. Introduced to most young revelers as a cheap and nasty shot, many choose to stay clear of this devil juice as they get older.

Cucumbers are awesome. They spend a lot of time on sandwiches, but they’re use in drinks is a relatively new revelation.

No matter the season, there always seems to be ice cream in the freezer. 

Mint is a great herb. It grows easily, its smell is magnificently refreshing...

Wrap yourself in a warm cloud of ginger and forget it’s winter.

If you’re feeling winter’s frosty bite, let these cocktail help you escape to somewhere warmer.

While nothing goes better with a Hendricks and Tonic (forget lemon), there are some even more captivating uses for the humble cucumber

We believe gin has a bad rap for making people miserable, so to prove it we pulled together our happiest gin drinks ever - guaranteed to make you smile. 

Closely associated with tiki-themed drinks of the 1940s, the coconut was once prized as a versatile cocktail ingredient for several of its fine attributes. 

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